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We have a new lesson/recording studio located at 490A State Road 16 called "The Music Factory Studio". Call 904-827-9739 for info. We teach voice, guitar, bass and piano. We have very competitive rates and provide lessons in our professional recording studio. You can check us out at: . We also have a web site for the Studio: .

    n Soul mp3.mp3

    Sound Bite of an 8 year old piano student

    Riddance MP3.mp3

          Acoustic Guitar Song with Vocal

   the Machine MP3.mp3

                    Full Band Song

  Are My Friend MP3.mp3

          "You Are My Friend" by Eddie Price


   Here's a recent testimonial:  05/20/2012

 " My husband and I set sail for Florida from our home in Oriental, NC on December 26, 2012. We arrived in St Augustine a month later. We fell in love with the city. This was our first extended cruise and everything was wonderful, except I missed my piano. Michael realized this and researched piano lessons and found The Music Factory Studio. Harley. How do you take piano lessons without a piano??? Simple, music theory. I have played the piano my entire life and was never taught music theory. Harley taught me how chords, scales and melody evolve into a song. I did purchase a small keyboard. I looked forward to working on my weekly assignments which were basically an adventure in creating beautiful sounds from simple chords and scales and their progressions. Harley's love of music AND teaching is amazing. Whiled we were in St Augustine we watched Harley and his wife Shery perform at a local club. Shery is lead vocalist and Harley is lead guitarist for their band "Shery and The Psychodelics." WOW what a performance. We are home now and the first thing I did was sit down at my piano. Harley was right. He told me that I wouldn't see my music in the same way. Now, I look at a piece of music and understand how it was built. I play the piano with an elevated sense of comfort and ease. Each note is beauty unto itself. I took lessons for two months and was sad when they came to an end. But, I am grateful to have had that experience. Harley is fabulous. Thank you Harley, Elaine "

I'm always looking for ways to help market my music tutoring services. is a good way for me to help me show off my expertise in guitar, vocal, piano and bass guitar. Check out my listing to learn even more about what I do! Also on that site are cutomer testimonials as well as verification of who I am and what I do. It's just another way to ensure that you will recieve a quality service provider when you entrust your learning experience to us. 

  Alright! The studio is done and open for business. All the construction is done. We now have a very "homey" studio with a front lobby, and a large recording room. We have a drum isolation booth, complete with Mapex Drums equipped with Aquarian II heads and Sabian Cymbals. We have 2 Tascam 24 track recorders, and a brand new HP high performance computer with Pro Tools LE recording programs, Pinnacle 14 video creation program and editing, converter, and burning software. We are offically licensed for MP3 and MP3-PRO production. We have AKG Large diaphram and and array of small diaphram condenser microphones, including Shure Beta 87A and SM86's. We also have lots of out board equipment, including: ADA MP-1 Guitar tube pre-amp, Art all tube Pro Channel strips, Art Studio MP D.I.'s BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer, Behringer and Alesis compressor/noise gates, Tapco 6 channel, Behringer 12 channel and Mackie 16 channel sub-mixers, Digitech studio effects processosr, a great 480 watt professional monitor system with matched speakers, capability for up to 8 headphones, and much more. We also have the new Light-Scribe CD's, so we can burn the album title and your picture right on the top of the CD! We can also supply full color CD layout artwork and small runs of production CD's.

  To date, we have recorded and produced CD's for single acts, put together a band for a country singer/songwriter complete with Dobro and pedal steel, Christian Rap Artists, as well as producing our own new Live! CD which will be out soon.

 I've completed producing an album for the St. Augustine band, US Station 4. You can check them out on their MySpace page, . There are some of the songs I recorded and produced for them on the site.

  Shery and the Psychodelics has completed their new, all original album titled, "Let's Get Real". It is now available at Music Matters in St. Augustine or:    (They ship a physical CD to you! In our opinion, it's the best way to go. Not only is the CD really cool to look at, the sound quality is superior to MP3's.)  (You can download MP3's of our songs right to your MP3 listening device.)


Guitar Lessons, Palm Coast, FL

Here's some pictures of studio stuff!




                                                                              Music on the Monitor

                                                                                 Nice AKG Mic

                                                                  24 track Recorder with some Outboard gear

                                      The Lobby Wall with the "PortHole" Window into the Studio

                                                                                          Mapex Drums with Aquarian II Heads

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