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Here are some of the articles about the band:

 Excerpt from Rebel Rider Magazine, November, 2011-

  Pre-Biketoberfest in Stormy Daytona

  " October 8th- Mama J and me are in Daytona to see what's going on the week before Biketoberfest and let me tell ya that it was WET,WET,WET! We thought a hurricane was coming, the wind at over 40mph, the rain was hitting us in gusts, BUT we weren't gonna let that stop us from having a good tmie and the place to do that was the world famous BOOT HILL SALOON on Main Street. They are known for having top shelf bands and having good times. We were lucky enough to catch Shery and the Psychodelics. These guys rocked the house and un-like a lot of other bands out there they have music of their own. If you ever see their name and get a chance, go see these folks, they are HOT! ..."

Excerpt from the St. Augustine Record, March 14th, 2008- Interview with Harley Reid- Rhythm and Ribs Festival

  Local band Shery and the Psychodelics will also be playng the festival. This will be the frist year for the blues crew. "S.A.T.P. is molded after the '60's and '70's blues based rock bands like Cream, John Mayall and Savoy Brown," guitarist Harely Reid said. Reid is joined by Shery LoVonne (Lead Vocalist and Rhtyhm Guitar), Bruce Stewart (Drums) and Pat Murphy (Bass).

  "We are uniquely qualified to keep this style of music alive as all of the members lived through that musically revolutionary period of our culture. Our shows reflect the dynamic emotional movement of the songs that we perform." Reid said, referring to what the audience can expect from S.A.T.P.'s music.


From Entertaining U Magazine- March 6th, 2005

In a reversal of fortune, Shery LaVonne and Harley Reid left the hip security of San Francisco and the corporate world of Silicone Valley to relocate in St. Augustine, Florida. Initially, the couple was fed up with the pressures of the corporate world and they wanted a change. So, they packed up their possessions and moved to St. Augustine to put a band together and be close to Harley’s parents who live in Ponte Vedre Beach. It was a gutsy move that required some major adjustments to their lifestyle.

"I was an electrical engineer designing chips and playing out with Shery in Northern California. Then I got burned out on the corporate world, and since my parents lived in Ponte Vedre Beach, we wanted to be near them, and to put a band together."

"We had heard that Northern Florida was a bastion of hot musicians, and it turned out to be true. We found many great players here, but it was hard to find reliable band members who were willing to work hard and show up on time for gigs. (It’s a familiar story to savvy insiders around Jax.) In California it was difficult to find competent musicians period. The curse of karaoke hit big time, and the no-smoking ban really hurt the live scene," Harley said in an interview two years ago.

Just like back when hippies were flocking to San Francisco during the peace and love days when the Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, and The Quicksilver Messenger Service were dominating the San Francisco sound, Shery and Harley stayed true to that tradition, playing the music from that era and writing original songs that retained the spirit of the counterculture revolution of the sixties through the early eighties.

In other words, Shery and Harley’s new band, Shery and the Psychodelics (with an emphasis on "Psycho.") revisited that era and were an instant hit around the North Florida region first as Vertigo than as Shery and the Psychodelics.

  My first encounter with Shery and Harley’s band, then called Vertigo, happened at in Green Cove Springs at a barbecue joint called Hawg Heaven three years ago. Then I caught them live again at the Harbor Tavern a year ago.

    From Entertaing U- February 24th- 2008

  I caught SATP live for the third time at ye ‘ol Harbor Tavern—a serious live rock room where the dedicated party people congregate. The band was tight and well rehearsed, with a new bassist, Pat Murphy.

Interestingly, Pat used to play with James Brown, Lonnie Mack, Curtis Willis and The Alligator Cowboys, all of which toured nationally and had a myrid of hits.

The smoking SATP lineup features vivacious Shery on lead vocals and guitar, her significant other, Harley Reid on lead guitar and vocals, Mike Gossett on drums and vocals, and Pat Murphy on bass and vocals.

In the three years since I first covered this band as Vertigo, the group has worked steadily, cranking out live gigs. This relentless live experience has sculpted the band into a well oiled groove machine. Most impressive, though, is Shery’s powerful rock voice that can be compared to Janis Joplin and Big Mamma Thornton. She can really belt out the rock songs, cutting through the mix with authority and great confidence. This is a hot band that I consider one of the best groups around the region.


(As printed in BackStage Pass Magazine)

(December 1st, 2007 )

by Melanie Campbell

VERTIGO!—Old School!
(Vertigo Records)

Cool! A flashback to the halcyon days of Classic rock! Look, if you read this column regularly, you can tell who cut their teeth on the stuff, as much raving as goes on around here about all your Chili Peppers and your Disturbeds. But make no mistake, genuflecting galore will commence anytime people prove themselves brave enough to sling a bunch of Jeff Beck riffs around in these rap-metal infested times. What’s especially nice about St. Augustine’s Vertigo! is that they borrow from that and from some of the more divine influences of the same era (Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac) and mix in their own savory bits of modern magic. The result is a helping of updated blues rock, full of tasty, get-down guitar and some mighty big vocals, courtesy of Shery LaVonne. This disc will give you goose bumps, especially on the spectacular arena-sized crunch of “Love Is A Mystery” and the very Doors-meets-Yardbirds “I Gotta Commute.” No cookie-cutter wannabe Zeppelins, here, kids. This is the real thing. Listen and learn!

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